Jaime Guzmán-Dávalos Espínola. Marqués de la Mina – 1747


Figure to assemble and paint
Ref.: 05 – GE
Weight: 250 grs.
Material: White Metal
Number of Pieces: 12
Historical Review:

Jaime Miguel de Guzmán-Dávalos y Spínola (Seville, 1690 – Barcelona, 1767), II Marquis de la Mina, V count of Pezuela de las Torres, was a Spanish military man, diplomat, nobleman and enlightened governor. Son of Pedro José de Guzmán-Dávalos, I Marquis de la Mina and of the Italian nobleman Giovanna María de Spínola, IV Countess of Pezuela de las Torres.

The life of Don Jaime Miguel de Guzmán was, in effect, a paradigm of a great soldier, of an early and meteoric career in the midst of great actions in the War of Spanish Succession and in those of Sicily, Naples, Oran and those of northern Italy, a great ruler as captain general of Catalonia and a diplomat at the Paris embassy and four times plenipotentiary in various treaties, a notable writer on military issues; and no less as a noble and a great knight and a Christian of remarkable exemplary life.



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