Figure to assemble and paint
Ref.: 07 – KI
Weight: 250 grs.
Material: White Metal
Number of Pieces: 12
Historical Review:

Emperor Meiji, Meiji Tennō, literally “emperor of enlightened rule”) (November 3, 1852 – July 30, 1912) was the 122nd imperial ruler of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. His personal name was Mutsuhito. At the time of his birth in 1852, Japan was an isolated, pre-industrial, feudal country dominated by the Tokugawa Shogunate and the daimyo, who ruled over the country’s more than 250 decentralized domains. During the reign of the Meiji emperor from 1867 to 1912, Japan was transformed from a feudal country into one of the powers of the modern world.



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